Google My Business users will soon be able to access a new statistic on their back-office, the distribution of views of their records on mobile vs desktop.

How will this data be presented?

The views of your records will be divided into four sources:

  • Google Search – Desktop
  • Google Search – Mobile
  • Google Maps – Desktop
  • Google Maps – Mobile

This is what it will look like in your back office:

Statistics on Google My Business

According to Colan Nielsen, vice president of LocalU, the contact statistics generated by your records (clicks to the website, phone calls) will also be divided by device in the near future.

Why is this important?

It is easy to differentiate between search intentions for searches done on mobile and desktop devices.

For example, a desktop search indicates an intention to visit or buy in the medium term. The Internet user is at home on his computer and plans his interaction with the establishment for later.

Conversely, a search made on a mobile phone implies an imminent intention to buy or visit. The Internet user is on the move and is looking for an establishment around him or her that best suits what he or she is looking for with the intention of going there immediately.

Retailers and networks will thus be able to see at a glance the share of customers who find them and contact them for an imminent or future purchase!

When will you be able to access this data?

For the moment these statistics are only available for certain institutions in the United States. They are therefore not accessible by API.

As soon as they are available, we will integrate them into Partoo and you will be able to view, analyse and retrieve them for all your establishments!

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