The startup will contribute to the evolution of the online presence of Havaianas physical mono-brand shops in the country and will use its own platform for management and information sharing.

São Paulo, January 2021 – Localoo (Partoo), the startup of the Webedia group, will be the company responsible for boosting the Ominichannel performance of the Havaianas brand with a focus on increasing the visibility of Havaianas physical shops within the online environment in Brazil – a demand that, by the way, has emerged in many companies and became even more urgent during the pandemic and the social withdrawal.

Localoo’s scope of work for Havaianas includes optimizations and development of Google My Business, but goes further: thanks to start-up technology, it will be possible to gain scale and control with ease and speed the demand that platforms require. Thus, information from dozens of physical shops in various channels and sites will be centralized, organized and constantly updated.

For this, Havaianas will use the Presence Management and Review Management products. “We will act on two fronts in this partnership with Havaianas. First we have the digital presence through Presence Management, acting in the sharing of information in digital channels. The second is the Review Management, acting in front of the management of customer assessments,” explains João Marinho, Country Manager of Localoo Brazil.

In addition, Havaianas will rely on the services provided by Localoo’s Customer Success and Customer Care team, where several best practices insights are offered to ensure that the digital marketing strategy, within Google My Business, is always updated and optimised.

Expectations of the partnership

“The expectation is that this partnership can be lasting, we will provide what is most current in the market regarding the management of the Google My Business platform, ensuring valuable ideas for the customer and prioritizing their needs according to the evolution of the partnership,” says João Marinho.

The challenge and complexity of the work is high, keeping the information and the answers of the evaluations updated from all the points of sale in several platforms is what Localoo’s technology will do: “All this optimisation work improves considerably the traffic online and in the points of sale. And this is reflected in increased revenue,” explains the startup spokesman.

Understand how Localoo’s (Partoo) solutions enhance online visibility and reputation

1 – Presence Management:

We know that amidst the instability and changes caused by the pandemic, the operating hours and mode of operation of companies have undergone some changes and through this solution it is possible to automatically update the information of all establishments on the main sites. “It is possible to update schedules, phone, photos, descriptions on platforms and social networks such as: Google Maps, Google My Business, Facebook, Waze, among others. In addition, the distribution of this information can be monitored in real time directly in the interface of the Localoo application”, explains João Marinho.

It is also possible to export reports and follow up the statistics of the Google My Business forms of all the establishments of the company. “Having a global view of the numbers of views, searches or actions performed from the tokens. With this it is possible to evaluate the ROI of the Localoo solution and the reputation of your company”, he adds.

2 – Review Management:

This solution centralises the evaluations of all the establishments of the companies left on Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook. Through centralisation in the application, it is possible to filter the evaluations by establishment, note, date, platform or keyword and answer in just a few clicks.

“It also makes it easier to read the results, by receiving the analysis of the company’s reputation directly in the Localoo interface with the number of evaluations, response rate, average score, segmentation of satisfied, dissatisfied and neutral customers. In addition to the weekly and monthly reports with the number of new evaluations received and average score,” concludes Country Manager.

About Localoo (Partoo)

Localoo maximises the visibility of companies on the Internet. To accomplish this mission, Startup creates solutions that help its users worldwide to better manage their customer relationships and generate more traffic in shops. The SaaS solution generates up to 7 times more interactions than just the companies’ own website, increasing web traffic to the shop and improving customer relations through evaluations. Startup is present in more than 30 countries, with headquarters in six countries: France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India and Mexico. In Europe it has customers in all retail sectors, including Carrefour, Leroy Merlin; Allianz, Generali, Volkswagen, Nespresso and Starbucks coffee shops.

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