Discover the testimonial of MegaMark Italia, which decided to implement its own digital project in order to centralise the reviews issued and optimise the Google My Business listings. In this way, MegaMark aims to offer a better customer experience in-store and improved online visibility.

Interview with Fabio Storelli- Ref. Digital Marketing

1) Could you introduce us to Megamark and your position in the group?

The Megamark group manages more than 400 stores, of which about one hundred are affiliated, the brands are Supermercato Dok, Iperfamila, Famila, A&O. We are a group associated with Selex and operate in southern Italy, from Molise downwards, excluding Sicily. I deal with web marketing, loyalty programmes and CRM.

2) What were the specific problems inherent in your sector? Why choose the Partoo project?

When we were introduced to Partoo, we realised that there were a lot of Google reviews from users for our shops. At the time, we couldn’t manage the responses well, as it was difficult to process them one by one. What convinced us to choose Partoo was its review centralisation and processing module, which gave us the possibility to manage Google reviews optimally.

3) And considering these observations, how did you integrate the Partoo solution with your management and what was the timeframe?

It was very simple and quick as we distributed the project to four people in the marketing department and one person in the sales department. The success of this project lies in our internal organisation and division of labour.

4) How do you use Partoo internally?

We mainly use Partoo for the management of customer reviews, especially in the case of shop openings. Our aim is to give visibility to the shops in order to constantly attract customers to the shop. We are also closer to our customers thanks to the reviews. This allows us to correct certain aspects in order to retain them and not lose them.

In the case of historic shops, we receive reviews on a daily basis, so we have to be reactive in responding to show customers that we know how to listen to them and take their requests into account.

5) What are the results today?

We have noticed great improvements during the collaboration. Over the past year, searches have increased by +125%, views + 107% and actions + 59%.

6) In light of the digitalization of large-scale retail: How do you listen to your customers through your online presence?

We have set up various tools to be as close as possible to our customers, both to propose new products to them and to analyse how they react to our brand communication and also to listen to their requests. So, for example, we set up a live chat on the Dok supermarket websites. We are also on social media, and we have both an email channel and a customer area module on our sites to listen more and more to our customers.

7) How does your visibility on Google allow you to differentiate yourself from both online players and classic market players?

On Google, visibility is the key to obtaining new customers through local searches. In this sense, we try to have the most up-to-date information possible with clear photos. The number of reviews also helps us to improve our SEO ranking, so we attach great importance to this channel.

In addition, we have also decided to manage Google Ads more and more strongly over the last year. Our aim is to combine SEO with SEA in order to have an overall increase in our visibility.

8) How does communicating on the Google My Business listngs allow you to create a unique experience for your brand?

Rightly so, this is the key point of our collaboration with Partoo as we do not currently have specific communication on Google My Business listings. We try to add features in order to appear on the maximum number of searches and increase our visibility, so it’s an ongoing job.

9) Have you noticed a difference in the behavior of your customers during the Covid-19 crisis?

Yes, we have seen a real change in the behavior of our customers, we have seen a real increase in searches for our shops on the Internet. Italians were trying to stock up as much as possible during the crisis, so it was our duty to inform them correctly about where to go.

10) How did Partoo support you during Covid-19?

We didn’t have any problems because we were always careful to have the right information on our listings, so we realised that by setting up this digital strategy we have an edge over those who hadn’t made this effort. The Partoo team is very present and helpful, Customer Success is very responsive in responding to my requests.

11) Give us a reason why you should choose the Megamark group and its signs

Our mission is to make quality shopping accessible to as many people as possible, now you have all the information you need to find us, don’t hesitate!

Be like Megamark and get found online!

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