As Guillermo Calderón, Head of Customer and Distributor Experience in Generali Spain and Laura Garbayo, Project Leader in Generali Spain, said they saw on Google My Business an opportunity to position at the top of search results their whole agencies network by creating a homogeneous Google listing that could be managed from a centralised and unique dashboard.

Thanks to the centralized management of information from all Generali agencies and also through the management of the agency managers themselves, they have managed ensure that all of these establishments’ listings are completely updated and up to date, not only on Google My Business, but also on another twenty or so platforms.

The results

After working on both the visibility and e-reputation of their Generali agencies, these are some of the data they have been able to obtain after the implementation of their digital strategy:

  • +8 times more calls to agencies
  • +7 times more direct search results
  • +5 times more indirect search results
  • +4 times more itinerary requests

Want to know more?

Learn more about the experience of Generali Spain on managing their digital strategy in this video:

Author: Patricia

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