Discover the testimony of the Editus team on the impact of Partoo solutions on their business portfolio to bring qualified contacts to the thousands of Luxembourgish points of sales that trust them.

In 6 months, Editus, in collaboration with Partoo, has enabled its customers to be found more than 49 million times on search engines, which is an increase of about 18% compared to the previous semester. In concrete terms, Partoo’s solutions have brought nearly 2.2 million top-quality leads to their customers!

Interview with the Editus team:

  • Cédric Fietta – Head of Sales
  • Sebastien Goubrievsky – Head of Marketing & Innovation
  • Damien Batista – Head of Customer Success

The video is in French but there are subtitles available in English!

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Presentation of the company – Editus Luxembourg

“Editus is a company with 140 employees based in Kayl, a town in the south of Luxembourg, just five minutes from the French border. We have been supporting Luxembourgish companies to establish relationships with their clients and prospective clients for over 40 years now.”

Internal stakes and problems – Local SEO & E-reputation

“Like most European directory administrators, we’ve had to review both our market and product positioning in order to keep up with the market and changing usage patterns. This was the first step that we completed in 2007 with the launch of, which is basically a digital version of our long-standing directory, and the embracing of other marketing leverage solutions that now allow us to support our clients in various fields such as paid referencing, organic referencing and even managing their social networks.”

Presence & Review Management – Positioning of Partoo solutions

“The Presence Management and Review Management solutions mean that we can now give our clients visibility, as well as managing their e-reputation directly via an interface, to incorporate these two offerings directly into our marketing solutions, which now form the basis of our offering.”

Customer feedbacks

“The feedback is generally extremely positive in every aspect. Over the past six months, for example, we have enabled our customers to be found over 49 million times, which is a record, now, where our portfolio is concerned, since we have increased the corresponding statistics by over 18% compared to the previous six months, and the most important thing for us now is to provide these customers with qualified contacts. That’s our core business, our raison d’être, and we have generated over 2.2 million qualified telephone and e-mail contacts and website visits over the past six months, despite the lockdown and despite any difficulties that the market has experienced.”

Partoo Solutions – What are the benefits?

“We were therefore approaching the market from a directory administrator perspective, a media perspective, and we wanted to move towards more of a marketing partner positioning. Partoo offered us the opportunity to draw on the new positioning from a product perspective by enabling us not only to offer our clients a referencing space in our media but rather to offer them visibility, referencing in the broader sense, because now, when our clients subscribe to our offering, they are not only listed in our referencing media but also, thanks to Partoo’s help, circulated through over fifteen media outlets. This information is then broadcast on over fifteen platforms and also allows us to create synergies between our other products, such as appointment booking and even table reservations for our restaurateur clients.”

Partnership with Partoo – What’s next?

“The next major steps in the Partoo partnership are as follows: 

  1. Implementing the new core features of our offering, namely the management of both Google Posts and Google My Business attributes that will allow us to strengthen the synergies that we have with other marketing levers that we currently offer our clients. 
  2. After that, we will need to strengthen our current Review Management offering and raise awareness among our clients of the importance of e-reputation with the new Partoo product that is the Review Booster, which will allow our clients to automatically invite their customers to come and leave positive reviews on their Google My Business listings.
Author: Sophie Trieu

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