Google Business Profile sees green and offers an online visibility boost to businesses that practice recycling and want to use it as an argument to attract new customers. 

Google Business Profile attributes allow stores to more accurately tell users and the search engine about the products and services they offer. Google often adds new ones. The latest: a list of attributes allowing a business to indicate to its customers that it recycles certain materials (glass, clothing, batteries, etc.). 

Which businesses are affected by these new attributes? 

Stores that recycle one or more materials from this list can add these attributes to their Google Business Profile. They can be found in the “recycling” category. Not all of them are accessible to all stores. Here is their French translation and their English name:

  • glass containers -> has_recycling_glass_bottles
  • canned goods -> has_recycling_metal_cans
  • plastic bottles -> has_recycling_plastic_bottles
  • batteries -> has_recycling_batteries
  • light bulbs -> has_recycling_light_bulbs
  • small appliances -> has_recycling_electronics
  • plastic bags -> has_recycling_plastic_bags
  • ink cartridges -> has_recycling_ink_cartridges
  • plastic foam waste -> has_recycling_plastic_foam
  • clothing -> has_recycling_clothing
  • household hazardous waste -> has_recycling_household_hazardous_waste

Why is this important? 

These attributes are an opportunity for merchants to see their point of sale appear in more generic searches, which they did not have access to before, because they are not directly related to the business. For example, “where to drop off light bulbs near me”, “drop-off point for used household appliances”, etc. 

In concrete terms, an Internet user is looking for where to dispose of old clothes near his home. Stores that have selected this attribute in their Google Business Profile will appear in the search results. For them, this is a new opportunity to attract traffic to their store and to make themselves known on an ecological theme. 

As always with Google: the more you help them to know you, the more they help you to know them. And the attributes really give them some useful information. If your point of sale recovers materials from this list, update your attributes quickly to be among the first businesses to benefit from them. 

To update your attributes, go to your Google Business Profile. The update is done address by address. If you manage many points of sale, this can quickly become not only time-consuming, but really complicated. In this case, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Author: Patricia

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