Google has just announced a rebranding of its Google My Business tool to, simply, “Business Profile”.

Business profile: a generic term for a tool that has become universal

Created in 2014, the objective of Google My Business was to convince a maximum number of businesses to retrieve and complete their listing in order to be found and chosen on the Internet.

Since 2019, Google My Business has established itself as the reference tool to enable physical businesses to exist on the Internet and has thus achieved its primary objective.

The search engine’s strategy has therefore evolved: now that the businesses are there, it was necessary to allow them to indicate as much data as possible so that Internet users can find, from the results page, all the information they need to choose a local business.

Once again, Google has achieved its objective as, in 2020, 65% of searches made on Google were “no-click searches”. That is to say, searches that do not generate a click elsewhere than on Google tools (such as a Google My Business listing for example) and for which the Internet user therefore stops at the search results page!

Today, a business cannot do without a business listing in Google and Maps search results. And the figures are clear: a business listing on Google now generates 28 times more contacts than a website!

This change of name is therefore a renewal for Google, and an illustration of the importance of business listings which are on the way to replacing the websites of independent businesses and physical networks.

Business listing: a more relevant and local name

Google My Business was a brand name that did not exactly reflect the usefulness of this tool. At Partoo, it was not uncommon to receive subscription requests from e-traders without a physical presence who did not understand that it was a local tool.

The name “Business profile” is therefore much more representative of the tool’s interest and target. We no longer speak of “My Business” but of “Business profile”, literally the business’ online business card.

Also, as you will have noticed, the name of the tool is now translated for all countries in the world. Google’s objective is to allow independent businesses to understand at a glance the interest and usefulness of this tool.

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Author: Luciana

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