More than a month ago, Partoo acquired Pulp, the French leader in Click & Collect and a QR code payment specialist. Find all the details of this acquisition in our press release.

Thibault Levi-Martin, CEO of Partoo and Arnaud de Rohden, CEO of Pulp, talk about this alliance and their ambitions in the interview below.

Could you introduce Partoo?

(Thibault) I created Partoo in 2014 with the aim of helping businesses develop their online visibility. Since then, things have really changed. For starters, our mission is much larger now, since our goal now is to help businesses get closer to their clients. There are over 350 people working at Partoo and over 200,000 points of sale that use our solution in 145 different countries.

Could you introduce Pulp?

(Arnaud) As for me, I am one of the founders of Pulp. Pulp’s mission is to allow restaurants’ customers to order and to pay directly with their smartphone to save time, thus simplifying the restaurant experience.

In 2019 we launched Pulp, a click & collect app for restaurants. We have also progressively evolved and launched new products that allow customers to scan a QR code in the restaurant to order and pay directly with their smartphone.

Nowadays, Pulp works with over 1,000 restaurants and more than 600,000 people use our solution. We work with household names like Street Bangkok, MrGarden or even PNY (Paris New York).

How did you meet?

(Arnaud) So we first met Partoo in 2018, because we were both in the business accelerator WILCO. After that we lost sight of each other for a little while. It wasn’t until recently that we met again for coffee, and it was love at first sight! We thought that we should offer both of our solutions to our clients: restaurants and other businesses. The only question was: for which points of sale?

Why the alignment between Pulp & Partoo?

(Thibault) We firmly believe at Partoo that the purchase path never stops evolving. Our job at Partoo is to help businesses adapt to these changes to increase their profits and strengthen their relationships with their customers.

As consumers, we first carry out a search, we then make a choice and finally, we purchase a product or a service. That’s where our alignment with Pulp becomes apparent: thanks to Pulp, our clients can now offer their products and services through the platforms Internet users rely on to find them.

What’s your strategic vision on the long and mid-term?

(Thibault) This alignment has two main objectives:

The first one concerns the product. We are going to use the technology developed by Pulp throughout the years to enable our clients to receive orders via Partoo. That would be the first synergy: the product.

The second objective is verticalization. To us, verticalization means creating a division dedicated to a specific industry. With Pulp we are launching our first vertical: Partoo For Restaurants, specialized in this sector.

What are your expectations on your achievements for next year?

(Arnaud) Well, we have several challenges for next year. The first one is to be able to offer a complex and uniform solution to our clients in the restaurant sector, to then have it duplicated and adapted to other sectors, for instance a butcher’s or a bookstore that might want to offer online ordering to their customers.

In the end, our ultimate goal is to help businesses be visible, to help customers make a choice thanks to reviews and to enable them to order online and get to the business to collect what they’ve ordered.

Why Partoo?

(Arnaud) We have 3 main entrepreneurial goals, beyond the human element of course and the fact that we’ve felt welcomed at Partoo from the very beginning.

Our first entrepreneurial goal is to keep growing as a business thanks to all the expertise that Partoo has gained over the last few years and the processes they’ve set up.

Our second goal is to grow internationally, something completely new for us, whereas it’s one of Partoo’s biggest strengths.

And the third one concerns the product, as we want to offer most the complete and unique solution in the market that will set us apart from the rest while giving our clients a most valuable product.

The aim is to double both our size and growth every year until 2025.

Why Pulp?

(Thibault) We had several reasons to go for this alignment. First, we share the same core values, something extremely important. At Partoo we are devoted to corporate culture, so we never envisioned joining forces with a company that wouldn’t share our worldview and our entrepreneurial culture.

Secondly, the synergy in terms of products that we have already mentioned. But also, the corporate mission: Pulp’s mission is to help restaurants get closer to their customers; Partoo’s mission is to help businesses get closer to their customers. We essentially share the corporate mission.

And the last matter I believe to be vital as well is dedication to the customers, fundamentally what encourages us as entrepreneurs to run our companies. So in the end, the alignment with Pulp just makes sense.

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