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Retailers & Department Stores

Mass retail is a sector which faces many local SEO issues due to a strong local competition.

Standard and specific opening hours can represent shortfall of several millions of dollars when they are not well-managed… The different size of points of sales (super, hyper, market…) needs to be taken into account !

With the help of Partoo, large retailers such as Carrefour, Intermarché or Bio c’ Bon can easily manage their openings and closings on digital platforms and make sure their customers find accurate information online, whether during week-ends or on holidays such as New Year’s Eve.



With the recent emergence of Fintech companies, the major actors in the banking and insurance industry are pressured to leverage more value from their local networks, which remain one of their major advantages over smaller companies.

Many customers still want to go to a physical agency. However they want to find updated information online like the address, opening hours or the phone number ! Nowadays, many companies choose to close few points of sales. Therefore they need to tell their customers online about these closings and help them find the closest opened agency.

Many Bank & Insurance companies use the Partoo technology to make internet and their network of agencies work together. Dozens of companies like Groupama, Caisse d’Epargne, Allianz manage networks of several thousands of points of sales on Partoo.


Household appliance

This is one of our biggest sector ! More than 15 companies either B2B (900 BigMat points of sales in Europe) or B2C (Habitat, Leroy Merlin, Conforama…) companies.

The challenges are huge for these companies, which need to indicate the right opening hours when their customers come to their stores. Great photos improve their brand image. They also need a significant improvement of their local SEO ranking.

Contrary to newer companies that conduct their business 100% virtually, the physical networks of these brands are still a strong asset to be leveraged online!


Clothing & Garments

With the end of 2017, Partoo has seen businesses in the retail industry become more aware of the importance of digitization and being well represented online. The budgets allocated towards improving SEO have been steadily rising, and this is reflected in the new arrival of clients as La Halle, Promod, and Café Coton to Partoo.

Reactivity during seasonal sales periods are a good indicator of the digital maturity of some brands: updating business hours, at the very least on Google Business Profile, can represent a considerable additional revenue opportunity!

If the address and opening hours are the essence of successful online representation, the maintenance of brand image via up-to-date logos and high quality photos is a close second for businesses dealing in the clothing and retail sectors. In an industry that finds much competition in the likes of online-only retailers, Partoo gives businesses the ability to represent both their hyper-specific local and more global digital informations simultaneously.


Foodservice and Hospitality

Foodservice and Hospitality is a sector that only recently began its digital transition, with particular importance paid to the presence of reviews and recommendations on social networks like Facebook and Foursquare.

It is therefore natural for brands such as Burger King, Starbucks, or Brit Hotel to adapt several technologies which ensure their customers can find the most up-to-date informations on store addresses, opening times, or telephone numbers by searching online. Presence management also provides an excellent opportunity to improve brand image by broadcasting quality photos and responding to the opinions left by customers!

Local referencing also presents a great occasion for some retailers to bring in new customer via paid local SEO.



Several major companies in the automotive sector including Rent A Car, Carglass, BMW dealerships, and Effia parking garages already trust Partoo to represent their point of sales across the web, utilizing various online directories and social networks, Google Business Profile, and especially via GPS services!

Today, it is absolutely essential for parking garages to be well represented on GPS services in order to attract new customers. Partoo has long-standing partnerships with major GPS providers such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Navmii, Tom Tom and Here. Together, these providers make up 80% of the GPS services used by automobiles today.

Surprisingly, even the biggest names in the automotive industry are only partially represented across the web. On average, up-to-date information on their point of sales are missing or inaccurate up to 60% of the time on major online platforms. Do not hesitate to contact Partoo to work together to help your business reach 100% online visibility!



Doctors, pharmacies, accountants, personal services. All of these are just a few examples of institutions breaking into the practice of gaining new customers via local search!

However, their online presence still remains low, and an increasing number of professionals are calling on expensive digital agencies to support their online visibility. With Partoo, these networks of freelancers and franchisees can broadcast to over twenty different sites essential for their business in a few clicks, and for a very modest price compared to conventional digital services.

Yet this is just starting to scratch the surface in terms of what is possible with digital representation! Whether you have an existing site or not, being present on Google Business Profile and other local SEO platforms is now essential to developing your business.

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