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On average, after 4 months of use
our customers receive


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more itinerary requests
to get to their store


more visits to their website

Manage your visibility and reputation from our platform. Nothing could be easier!

How your customers choose your company these days

google business profile page of a dentist in newcastle united kingdom

Mandatory passage

80% of searches made by Internet users target an activity such as “restaurant Manchester” and not a specific establishment. These are all potential future customers for your business!

Did you know that?

A Google My Business listing is seen on average 7 to 28 times more than a professional website!

Don’t juge a business by its reviews

But the more you have, the more likely you are to be chosen by the internet users! Nobody wants to risk a bad experience.

Did you know that?

90% of Internet users lose interest in business with a rating below 3.5/5!

positive facebook review left by a customer to a local business
Restaurant vide

Some will fall in love with you at first sight…

…But others will need time to decide. These people will be attracted by nice pictures and a professional website to get to know you better.

Did you know that?

A listing with more than 100 photos is featured 23 times more than a listing with only 1 photo!

Discuss with your customers

Before coming to you, your customers sometimes have questions that need a quick answer. Therefore, you have to be reactive to prevent them from going elsewhere!

Did you know that?

Instead of calling you, 90% of Internet users will prefer to send you a message directly on Google.

google business message conversation customer local business owner

That’s all very cool! But then…
How can Partoo help you?

Presence management visuel circulaire

Broadcast your information everywhere

Changing your opening hours and contact details has never been so quick. Simply enter your information on our interface and we’ll take care of distributing it to about 15 platforms so you’ll be visible everywhere!

By having the same information (name, address and phone number) on all these platforms, Google considers your business more reliable and displays you higher in the search results.

Review Management illustration circulaire

Respond to all your reviews

We centralise your Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor reviews so that you can respond quickly. The best part? We provide you with response templates so you don’t have to think for hours!

When you respond to all your reviews, Google considers that you are taking care of your online image and will rank you higher than your competitors in the search results.

Review Booster illustration circulaire

Collect an ever-increasing
number of positive reviews

Ask your satisfied customers to leave you a review…. in 4 seconds tops with text message invitations. Don’t have your customers’ numbers? Collect reviews with a QR code sticker leading directly to your page!

The number of reviews you have on your listing, the frequency with which you receive them and your average rating are the most important criteria for appearing in the top search results on Google. By collecting reviews, you can actually get your business off the ground on the Internet!

Messagerie chat illustration circulaire

Talk to your customers in real time

Nowadays, messages are the new way to contact your future customers. That’s why we make it easy for you to centralise all your Google, Facebook and Instagram conversations directly on the interface to easily interact with people interested in your business and gain new customers!

The faster you answer your customers’ questions, the more you appear as a trustworthy business to Google…. And the higher up the search results you appear.

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A team of passionate people,
100% at your service

Do you still have a question? Our experts will personally answer your questions.

A doubt? A question?
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I already have a Google Business Profile, why use Partoo?

Profile. We broadcast your information on nearly 15 platforms such as Facebook and Waze so that you are visible everywhere. We also help you manage your reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor in addition to Google. Not bad, eh?

Why is it important to have a Google listing for my business?

Google’s business listings are a free tool created by Google to help you stand out in the search results pages.

We are not teaching you anything, Google is the first search site, used by more than 90% of Internet users in the world. Appearing on Google allows you to reach a considerable number of potential customers!

What does "local referencing" mean exactly?

A local search is a search such as “plumber Angouleme” in which the Internet user is looking for a professional in a specific geographical area.

Local referencing is the visibility that an establishment has on this type of search. Today, nearly 50% of Google searches are local. So many commercial opportunities for your company!

What exactly is Google My Business?

Google My Business is your business listing on Google with your contact details, opening hours and business category. Do you know Google Maps? Then you know Google My Business!

Reviews are only for unhappy customers, right?

90% of users read reviews before visiting a point of sale. You can’t please everyone. Therefore, it is possible that you may have negative reviews on your listing.

The best defence is an attack. A negative review has less impact if you have 50 positive reviews beside it!

How does Partoo improve the visibility of my Google listing?

Visibility on Google works according to 3 criteria:

  • The location of your establishment
  • The relevance of your online information
  • Your e-reputation

Our tool allows you to act on these 3 criteria. Very handy, isn’t it?