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“Partoo is the number 1 software company in terms of support!”

I’ve come across other strong solutions, but the quality of their support and their reactivity is really high. Partoo’s support is optimal! That’s why I wanted to work with them, that’s definitely their strength.

Jérémy Lacoste, Head of Acquisition, Analytics & CRM Marketing
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4.3/5 based on 33639 reviews
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“Thanks to Partoo, our salon’s visibility has multiplied by 7!”

Thanks to Partoo, we’ve been able to meet our goals in terms of the coherence of our information. It has also helped us t get new clients and new phone calls we were not expecting at all!

Soizic Hervé, Affiliate Network Marketing Director
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4.7/5 based on 9491 reviews
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“It became obvious that Partoo served as the best solution!”

Previously it consumed a lot of time to have everything managed only once in a while. Our parking facilities listed online didn’t have the attention they needed, and it became obvious that Partoo served as the best solution.

Kristel Steegen, Business Process Manager at Q-Park HQ
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3.7/5 based on 81817 reviews
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“For the first time, this year we achieved an average rating of 4 !”

During this period, I had decided that everyone needs to hear what customers are saying about their stores so we added a notification to all local managers. Replying to customers is the ultimate goal, when local managers start to see what customers are saying, they start to act, showing customers you care matters. And that’s thanks to Partoo!

Ammar Albar, Customer Care Manager at Shawarmer
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3.9/5 based on 122296 reviews

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