Claudia Chapman Heals Women Through Their Journeys

Guiding women through their journeys and helping them find their Inner Goddess. Claudia Chapman started becoming a Reiki healer more than 10 years ago, and realised that women needed more than just Reiki healing, as she felt that through the Reiki there's a better way to understand what's going on with the women. She then began to coach them through their journeys along with Reiki healing. Claudia studied more about neuroplasticity, and with her own story about single parenthood, trauma, abuse, she found that she could help women get past their own traumas too.
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A women’s empowerment coach, and owner of a small business called Reikilifecoach based in London, Claudia Chapman takes women on a journey of self-healing. Her coaching skills employ proven methods in guiding women and helping them be the best version of themselves. It wasn’t the first time in her life, but Claudia took a leap of faith and trusted Partoo to join her journey of improving the online visibility of her business. 

Claudia endured a lot of traumas early in her life. Difficult experiences she turned into a beautiful journey of healing other women’s suffering. “I’m thankful for the positive energy Partoo brought into my life”, says the empowerment coach, ecstatic about how it changed her business.

Life with Partoo…

“I didn’t always manage my online presence very well”, confesses Claudia. “I had a website and mainly relied on some social media presence, but I never got the results that I wanted”. With the help of Partoo, her business is now ranking higher than ever on Google, with new clients seeking her guidance every day. “Each time I get support from Partoo’s services, I see my ranking go up!”

It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that the human support she got from Partoo made all the difference for the Reiki life healer. “As a business owner, I often get approached by a lot of companies claiming they can improve my business ranking on the Internet. However, with Partoo, it was different. Much more honest, friendly and authentic”.

What the future holds…

What’s next for Claudia? With her company Reikilifecoach, she intends to organise retreats for women with a special support programme. New initiatives she’s confident will get the word around and attract new clients for her business, but, most of all, more women that she can help in their healing.

The women’s empowerment coach is so confident about her company’s growth thanks to Partoo that she has already referred the solution to her other small business friends.

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Claudia Chapman Heals Women Through Their Journeys

A women’s empowerment coach, and owner of a small business called Reikilifecoach based in London,…