Welcome to Forestoo – Partoo’s Forest!

As you probably know, Partoo’s vision is to ‘Make Things Right’ – but what does that mean?
It means that we make every decision keeping the common good in mind and act according to moral and ethical values. This applies to our employees, our customers, and partners, but also to society and the environment. 

Our commitment:

For us, respecting the planet and actively acting in safeguarding it has been and always will be among our core values. We have set up this forest to raise awareness of the issue, and to play our part.

This in addition to the:
· carbon footprint calculation and GHG reduction plan
· responsible policies (business trips, procurement, etc.)
· days dedicated to environmental activities with colleagues and partners
· the goal of achieving zero impact in our offices
· reuse and recycling programs of durable goods
· application to become a B-corporation

We are proud to share our vision with you!

Redeem the code and join the Forestoo!

You will find below our commitment to planting trees in countries where they actively contribute not only to reducing CO2, but also to helping the economic and social system.
If you have a code to redeem, click on ‘Did you receive a code?’ and take part in our vision – make things right with us!

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