2024 Google Business Profile Reviews Barometer

2024 barometer online presence and e-reputation

As part of our annual tradition, we are thrilled to present our 2024 barometer, a meticulous analysis of the presence and the reviews of our clients on Google. This year’s report is based on examining 4 012 483 reviews from our 116 clients in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA), across their 12 060 points of interest. All the brands mentioned manage their e-reputation through our Review Management solution.

What’s Inside?

This year’s edition is even more detailed and insightful than its predecessors. It includes:

  • Presence Management metrics tracking use of Partoo Messages to drive sales 💬
  • The evolving number of customer reviews, plus average ratings by sector 📈
  • The rate and average response time to reviews ⏳
  • A semantic analysis of customer reviews with strategic keywords 🔠
  • Rankings of the top-performing companies in 12 industries 🏆
  • The top 10 brands that manage their e-reputation most effectively 🏅
  • Tips for improving your e-reputation 🤝

This report will not only reveal which companies manage their e-reputation the best, but also provide recommendations for improvement and key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor for optimal results. Partoo’s barometer is a valuable tool for benchmarking against competitors and prioritising actions to enhance your e-reputation.

Download the barometer 

The top brands with exceptional e-reputation

The ranking is based on several weighted criteria: the national average score, the number of reviews per business, the response rate to reviews, the response time, and the diversity of replies.

In the international ranking, Decathlon in the UK topped the list with 87 points, followed by Cardeon with 81 points, and Decathlon in Switzerland with 80 points. These brands have demonstrated exceptional mastery in managing their e-reputation.

The results of this study indicate that customers are delighted with their in-store experiences and that brands take care of their feedback through a thorough management of the reviews. 

On behalf of Partoo, heartfelt congratulations to all the brands that have performed exceptionally well in 2023! 

Download the barometer to see the full list of brands that stand out!

Key Findings

Here’s a brief preview of some key findings from the 2024 barometer:

  • Between 2022 and 2023, the number of reviews left on Google listings grew by 17%
  • On average, brands received 2 165 164 reviews per outlet this year, compared to 1 858 129 in 2022
  • Customer satisfaction is on the rise: the average rating among our customers is 4.03/5, compared to 4.02/5 in the previous year
  • Brands are answering faster: the response rate to reviews is at 46% (textual and non-textual), compared to 23% in 2022
  • On average, in 2023, a user waited 6 days to receive a reply to their review, compared to 23 days in 2022

To delve deeper into the report and access the full details, download the document for free:

Discover how you can enhance your e-reputation today – send us your questions!

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Julien Prioux

By Julien Prioux

Content manager

Former journalist, Julien helps businesses develop their online presence and digital reputation through practical articles and guides with clear and detailed educational information.
Former journalist, Julien helps businesses develop their online presence and digital reputation through practical articles and guides with clear and detailed educational information.

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