Adding additional URLs to your Google Business Profile listings

URLs of Hotels on GMB

Google My Business now gives local establishments the option of adding other URLs, in addition to their websites, to encourage users to perform certain actions via their listings.

1# Why provide additional URLs?

Adding URLs can result in more interaction with your Google My Business listing by encouraging users to do the following:

  • View a menu
  • Place an order
  • Make an appointment
  • Book a table
  • View promotional offers
  • View a list of the services offered (such as remote consultation, for example)

Disclaimer: some links from third-party services (LaFourchette, for example) are automatically displayed on the Google My Business listings and it is not possible to manage them from the Google back office. If a listing contains a URL registered by the listing’s owner as well as another URL from a third-party vendor, however, the owner’s URL will appear first, thus limiting any business the third-party vendor might get from the listing.

Secindary URLs for restaurants

2# How do I qualify for additional URLs?

The URL fields available depend primarily on the establishment’s main category.

The following is an overview of the various possibilities:

  • For the ‘View menu’ and ‘List of services’ buttons: available for ‘Service’, ‘Health & Beauty’ and ‘Food & Beverage’-type companies
  • Search for articles: available for ‘Service’ and ‘Health & Beauty’-type companies
  • Place an order and Book a table: available for ‘Food & Beverage’-type businesses (cafés, bars, restaurants, etc.)
  • Make an appointment: available for ‘Service’ (plumber, electrician, etc.) and ‘Health & Beauty’-type (hairdressers, beauty salons, etc.) companies
  • View promotional offers: this URL is not available in the Google back office but is visible for establishments in the retail sector

3# How to provide additional URLs on your Google My Business listing

  • Log in to Google My Business.
  • Select the establishment to which you wish to add a URL.
  • Click on ‘Info’ to access the information editing interface.
  • The available URL fields for your business can be found in the URLs section, beneath the website.
  • Add the corresponding URLs in each field.
  • Click ‘Apply’.

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By Patrice Barbesier

Marketing Manager

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