Partoo Ranked Top 10 ORM Software by Tekpon

Partoo, the all-in-one platform for local marketing solutions, is proud to announce that it has been named one of the Top 10 Online Reputation Management Software by Tekpon for 2024. This prestigious recognition underscores Partoo’s commitment to enhancing online presence and customer perception for local businesses.

Tekpon’s Top 10 Online Reputation Management Software

Tekpon is a dynamic software marketplace aimed at revolutionising how people and businesses consume and purchase software products and services. With a mission to guide users in making informed software choices, it is dedicated to improving business efficiencies through the right digital tools.

Easily get dozens of reviews

Partoo enables companies to obtain an average of 60 per cent more reviews through SMS and QR code solicitation.

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Tekpon’s annual compilation of the Best 10 Online Reputation Management (ORM) Software is the result of extensive research and analysis. These rankings highlight innovative tools that are transforming how companies manage their digital presence and customer feedback. Partoo scored an impressive 9/10, reflecting its robust capabilities in managing online interactions and improving customer experiences.

Why Partoo Stands Out

Tekpon’s review praises Partoo for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive analytics, which provide actionable insights for businesses. This powerful combination enables companies to centralise, analyse, and respond to customer reviews effectively, fostering improved customer relationships and enhancing overall brand reputation.

Partoo’s Global Impact

Founded in 2014, Partoo is a 450 people tech company, our mission is to bring businesses closer to their clients. Partoo has empowered more than 1000 clients across 150 countries, managing over 300,000 points of sale. This is achieved through our all-in-one solution that improves the online visibility and e-reputation for all businesses with physical locations. Our solution is equally suited to independent retail managers belonging to franchisees, and marketing departments of large groups.

The information about your stores is automatically broadcast across various search platforms, including Google and our Store Locator solution, ensuring wider visibility and easier access for potential customers.

Centralise, analyse, and respond to customer reviews with ease, allowing you to manage customer feedback comprehensively and efficiently from a single platform.

Easily manage your messages from Google, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all in one place with our AI solution, streamlining your communication and enhancing your productivity.

Join a Global Community of Satisfied Clients

Partoo has a proven track record of success, with numerous clients praising its effectiveness in enhancing their online presence. From small local businesses to large multinational chains, Partoo has helped diverse businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.

Discover how Partoo can help your business thrive in the digital age. Explore the features and benefits that have made Partoo a top choice for online reputation management.

For more information about Partoo or to request additional details, please visit our website.

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