In response to the current turmoil in Ukraine and to help the millions of refugees, Google has taken a number of actions including the launch of a series of attributes on Google Business Profile.

Google has launched new services for businesses to help Ukrainian refugees.

Here is the list:

  • Offering free products or services
  • Distributing donations
  • Employing refugees
  • Offering free legal help
  • Offering transportation for people

Establishments can now mention whether they offer free or discounted accommodation to refugees fleeing their country. “As we compile this information over the next few weeks, we’ll make it easier for people to find these places quickly in the search engine and on Maps,” says Google.

These attributes allow companies to offer their help and inform Internet users so that they can also get involved, if they so wish.

The “Accommodation for Ukraine” attribute is already available for hotels that offer free or discounted accommodation to refugees.

This special addition is available for all European countries hosting refugees, including Poland, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.

How to add these attributes?

These new attributes are not available for all industries, so the first step is to check if you have access to them. Go to your Google Business Profile account, under Info > Available Services > Add attributes.

adding attributes
Author: Andile

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