In response to the climate crisis, Google has launched a series of new attributes on hotels’ Google Business Profiles to help them highlight their green initiatives.

In a recent study conducted by Google, 82% of people surveyed said that the degree of sustainability of a company influences their purchasing decision. So, in view of these new needs, Google has developed and implemented these new attributes to make the search process easier for them.

4 new categories of sustainable attributes

1. Energy efficiency

energy effeciency

2. Water conservation

water conservation

3. Waste reduction

waste reduction

4. Sustainable sourcing

sustainable sourcing

These attributes allow hotels to inform users of their sustainable and environmentally responsible policies. In addition, it also helps them to rank better in local search results when a user uses keywords related to sustainability (e.g. ‘sustainable hotel’, ‘hotel with renewable energy’, ‘hotel with organic food’…).

How are these attributes added?

In order to implement the new attributes, you have to go to your Google Business Profile account, under Information > Available services > Add attributes.

Sustainable attributes vs. eco certifications

In addition to the sustainability attributes, Google has also enabled the option for hotels to add a Google-recognised eco certification. However, it is important to note that Google is not in charge of granting these certifications and it is therefore the responsibility of each hotel to carry out the necessary audits to obtain them.

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Author: Andile

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