How does Partoo improve your visibility with Google Business Profile attributes?

Upload attributes and secondary urls from Partoo's application

A few years ago, Google My Business released two new features: Attributes and Additional URLs

Attributes are tags that allow you to characterise your points of sale. The Additional URLs are links that you can add to your Google My Business page to encourage web users to contact you to make reservations or orders, for example.

These features are now available on Partoo!

Google My Business attributes

What is it?

These are tags that best describe the features and services of your establishment, such as “Wi-fi available”, “Take-away ” or “Mask compulsory”.

They are divided into eight types: Safety attributes (wearing a mask, disinfection), Services (Wi-fi, Delivery), Accessibility (Wheelchair Accessible), Reception (LGBTQ friendly), Atmosphere (concerts, sport), Offer (new/used car sales) and specific catering attributes (Brunch, rooftop dining).

Of course, the attributes available depend on the main category of the establishment; For example, a restaurant may indicate that it offers outdoor seating, while a supermarket does not.

They appear directly under the description of the Google My Business listing for the most important ones and in the “About” section of the mobile listing.

Why add Attributes?

Attributes are initially used to provide more information to your Internet users before they visit your establishment. Thanks to this, no more unpleasant surprises and leave the customers conquered!

That’s not all, the attributes also allow you to improve Google’s algorithm to help the search engine be more and more relevant and meet the expectations of Internet users as well as possible.

Attributes on Burger King listing

Thus, if you add attributes to your Google my Business listings, your establishment will naturally appear again in the search results and it will also have a better chance of appearing in queries containing these attributes.

Additional URLs

What is it?

These are links that you can add in addition to your classic website link. They are used to encourage web users to take action on your listing. For example, during the Covid 19 period, tele-consultation links were added to many Google My Business pages.

Like the attributes, the additional URLs available depend on the main category of your establishment. For example, “Place an order” or “Reserve a table” will be available for businesses such as cafés, bars and restaurants.

Why add Additional URLs?

Quite simply, the easier it will be to contact you, the more people will contact you!

Secondary URLs for carrefour listing

All these different URLs provide many choices for your customers to get in touch with your establishment (to reserve, order, consult) and to increase the traffic generated by your listing!

How can Partoo help you?

If you manage several locations, it can be complicated to optimise these attributes and additional URLs manually.

With Partoo, view all the attributes and URLs available for your main category. You can update them from a centralised interface or in bulk via API or Excel file!

Get found … online!

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By Patrice Barbesier

Marketing Manager

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