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This article is written in collaboration with our partner HERE.

This article is written in collaboration with our partner HERE.

Maintaining a strong online presence is paramount for businesses seeking visibility and success. Central to achieving this is effective Presence Management, ensuring accurate and consistent information across various online platforms.

Multidiffusion, or multi-platform distribution, amplifies this reach by targeting key platforms or solutions used, directly or indirectly, by consumers looking for a local business near them.

Partnering for a decade, HERE, a trusted leader in web mapping and navigation solutions, collaborates closely with Partoo, facilitating seamless integration and enhancing hundreds of businesses’ online visibility. This partnership underscores the importance of leveraging robust technologies to navigate the evolving digital realm effectively.

Streamlining information multidiffusion using Partoo

In 2024, businesses of all sizes face the challenge of broadcasting accurate and up-to-date information across various online platforms efficiently. Partoo emerges as a strong solution, simplifying the process of information distribution for enterprises, including integration with HERE, a leading platform for location data.

Partoo’s seamless integration with HERE’s location data platform ensures that businesses can effortlessly maintain their presence and accuracy on HERE’s mapping and navigation solutions, bolstering their visibility to consumers worldwide.

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The importance of having up-to-date information for local SEO and acquiring new customers cannot be overstated – consumers rely heavily on local search results to discover nearby businesses.

Regular updates and synchronization, typically on a monthly basis, offer numerous advantages in maintaining consistency across all platforms. By ensuring that information such as business hours, contact details, and addresses are consistently accurate, businesses can instil trust and reliability among consumers.

Moreover, regular updates demonstrate a commitment to providing the most relevant and timely information, which can further enhance a business’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of both consumers and search engines, like Google.

How HERE is leading the way in mapping and location solutions

HERE has been a pioneer in mapping and location technology for almost 40 years. Today, HERE’s location platform is recognized as the most complete in the industry, powering location-based products, services and custom maps for organizations and enterprises across the globe. From autonomous driving and seamless logistics to new mobility experiences, HERE allows its partners and customers to innovate while retaining control over their data and safeguarding privacy.


In a world increasingly overwhelmed with growing volumes of data, a real-time understanding of how objects, systems and people interact with one another on the move is a critical success factor for most businesses. HERE, enables its customers to navigate this data-rich world by providing a new type of map – a complete, accurate and easy-to-use digital representation of the physical world.

HERE Routing creates optimized, safe and accurate routing solutions. These solutions allow the users to select routes for different modes of transportation such as motorcycle, truck, EV, bicycle, transit, taxi and pedestrian. It’s possible to optimize a route by using over 100 parameters and selecting routes that provide the fastest or shortest journey, with the option to customize a route by automatically avoiding e.g. toll roads, motorways, ferries, stairs or park paths.

HERE Places provides up-to-date information about real-world places to enrich mapping solutions. It offers precise address information for points of interest (POI) alongside additional details like opening hours, services offered, and accepted payment methods. Users of routing and navigation solutions – including commercial fleets – can search and select destinations with ease, identify where they are and what’s around them.

HERE Places gathers together POI data from a variety of sources. The service validates these data to guarantee real-world and digital locations are correctly matched. Machine learning and training data are then used to calculate the accuracy of the POI content. This calculation is based on supplier and attribute quality.


It is where collaboration with Partoo takes place. For 10 years, Partoo has been one of the third-party providers used by HERE to update POI’s solutions.

HERE Technologies supports Partoo’s Presence Management and Store locator activities. Each month, a secure connection to Partoo’s server is made to get access to the data. The data are aggregated with other third-party sources and the POI’s referenced on HERE’s interactive maps and routing solutions.

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Julien Prioux

By Julien Prioux

Content manager

Former journalist, Julien helps businesses develop their online presence and digital reputation through practical articles and guides with clear and detailed educational information.
Former journalist, Julien helps businesses develop their online presence and digital reputation through practical articles and guides with clear and detailed educational information.

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