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Automatically broadcast your businesses’ information on the main directories, GPS, search engines, social networks, and review websites. 

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On average, after 4 months of using
Partoo, our customers receive…

+ 84%
+ 54%
+ 87%

Trusted by more than
300 000 stores worldwide

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How does it work?

presence management

Update your

Update all the information (timetables, photos, categories, descriptions…) of your points of sale in just a few clicks from Partoo’s application via Excel file or directly through an API feed connected to your database.

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Follow your updates

Follow the broadcasting of your information in real time on all Partoo broadcast sites, and export an integration report in Excel format directly from the application.

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Evaluate the impact

Monitor the statistics of your Google listings: number of views, searches or actions taken on your listings. Measure the ROI of the Partoo solution and the reputation of your brand!

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Main features


Optimise your Google categories


Management of secondary URLs


Optimise your attributes


Optimise the services of tour outlets

Google Posts

Publish Google, manage your product catalogue


Receive personalised advice to optimise your listings


Access all your statistics from Partoo

Google listings

Import existing Google listings on Partoo


Reporting of inappropriate photos and reviews


Identify all listing duplicates


Monitor the broadcast status of your data in real time

Opening hours

Bulk modification of opening times groupées des horaires

Connection via API

Login to Partoo and make your changes via API

Client support

Access the customer support in just 1 click from the platform

Where do we broadcast?

Partoo broadcasts your businesses’ information
on the main platforms used by
your customers to find you

Google Maps

Google Business Profile


Apple Plans




118 000






Google Assistant








A team of passionate
people at your service

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Our experts will personally answer your questions.

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“Partoo is one of our greatest partner

The idea, the energy and the technology of Partoo is really interesting and efficient. It helped us a lot improving our online visibility and e-reputation.
Frédéric Levy-Perrault

“Partoo is simple, efficient and really qualitative

Partoo allows us to better position ourselves in the digital world. Thanks to this tool, we are convinced that we can be found in every strategic countries for us.
Alessandro Caglieris

“Partoo responds perfectly to our needs”

Partoo allows us to have everything about our online visibility on Google in one place: our data, our listings' information and our metrics to follow performance.
Santiago Sànchez

“Partoo is a platform that keeps evolving

Digital ecosystem is permanently evolving, and it is important to work with a company that anticipates these evolutions and proposes regular updates.
Michèle Graveline
Michèle Graveline

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below details of both the direct publication sites with which Partoo shares information relating to your establishments and the indirect publication sites to which the information published on our direct publication sites is then shared. Sites marked with a star will depend on the terms of your contract with Partoo:

1. Direct publication:
– Google: Google My Business, Google Maps
– Social networks: Facebook, Foursquare, Justacoté, Snapchat
– Directories:, telephone directories (e.g. 118 000)
-GPS: Waze, Here, TomTom, Apple Maps
-Other sites: Wemap, Factual, Réducavenue
-Other sites may be included in your contract in some specific cases.

2. Indirect publication:
– GPS: Garmin, CityMapper, ViaMichelin, Coyotte and Uber
– Social networks: Mapster, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Instagram, Flickr, etc.
– Voice assistants: Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, etc.

1. By Excel file:
We provide you with an Excel file with a list of information to fill in. Once you have filled in all the information, you send the document back to us and Partoo takes care of updating your information.

2. By API:

Partoo Rest API:

You can use Partoo’s Rest API to update the information of your establishments. This will only require some development time from your technical team. You can then update the information on Partoo and also come and recur the information on our database.

Puller API:

In this case, you just need to give us the API key of your database so that Partoo can automatically retrieve your information and update it.

3. By Puller FTP:

You can send us your information directly on an FTP server. Once the information is transmitted, Partoo will retrieve the data from the FTP server to update your information on all our partners.

If you choose one of these options, Partoo will assist you in your decision.

When Internet users search for your establishments on the Internet, it is now essential that they can find them and simply access all their essential information: address, opening hours or telephone number! In addition to promoting a multi-channel route and increasing customer satisfaction, Partoo also has a real impact on the number of physical visits to your establishments!

To help you understand this impact, the Partoo teams provide you with all the indicators necessary to estimate a ROI:

– Dissemination of local information (indicator: number of sites where your customers can find you).

– Optimising the visibility of your listing (indicators: number of clicks, calls and routes on your local pages).

– Improvement of the local SEO of your website (indicator: Average positioning of your website on Google searches related to your activity)

Local SEO is your ability to move to the top of Google results on local searches related to your business. A local search is a search with a geographical dimension (district, town, street, department, region…). This is the case when you are looking for a garage in Nice or a hairdresser in New York for example.

Be careful, SEO corresponds to the optimisation of the natural referencing of your website and is therefore different from SEA which corresponds to paid referencing (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.).

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