Product Retrospective: What’s New at Partoo in 2023?

The year 2023 marked an unprecedented transition in the world of local businesses and online shopping paths, driven in particular by the rise of artificial intelligence and conversational commerce. 

Partoo helps businesses adapt to these new shopping paths by integrating these innovations. In this spirit, our teams developed more than 20 features in 2023, in order to enable our clients to get found online, chosen over their competitors, and to convert their prospects into customers. 

Replying to reviews using AI, automating messages, or managing business information from the mobile application is now possible on Partoo! Discover the main features released in 2023 in our retrospective.

New Features for your Local SEO

Completion Score and Tailor-made Advice on the Application

We have carried out a complete overhaul of our information management interface, as well as the global view on the various points of sale in the network. 

Three watchwords for this innovation: Monitoring, Coaching & Support

Thanks to this new feature, Partoo users can:

  • Track their completion score for one or more establishments
  • Prioritise their actions on the establishments or fields to complete first
  • Benefit from filling advice and explanations on each of the fields available in the application
Follow-up of the completion score of the network or the point of sale
Highlighting of the fields to fill in and tips on how to do it

New statistics Google Business Profile: Keywords and Views on Desktop & Mobile

In February 2023, Google made significant changes to the data of Google Business Profile listings. Not only was the type of data collected different, but so was the frequency of transmission. 

Following these changes, we had to be reactive to allow our clients to benefit from these new statistics as soon as possible. Partoo was one of the first companies in the world to integrate these new statistics into its application. 

Partoo users can now track the keywords used to search for their listings, the volume of searches associated with each keyword, as well as see the breakdown of views on mobile and desktop.

Edit of the Information from the Mobile App

The mobile application is at the heart of our product. Our clients already used it to manage their reviews and reply to their messages… 

Starting May 2023, they can also use it to update their hours and post new photos on Google!

Very handy for those who do not work in front of a computer and wish to manage their online visibility wherever they are.

Addition of FAQs on the Store Locator

To appear in search results, a website must contain information that internet users might be searching for. 

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to add frequently asked questions to their website in order to appear in the search results associated with them. 

We now enable clients who use Partoo Store Locator to add a FAQ section to their website in order to appear in search results more often.

New Features for the Review Management 

Review AI Assistant: The power of AI at the disposal of your e-reputation

Artificial intelligence has revolutionised the way companies work. 

One of the areas that will be particularly affected by this innovation is customer relations. Indeed, 60% of business owners believe that artificial intelligence will allow them to improve their customer experience. 

To support businesses in this transition, Partoo has designed the AI Assistant, a tool that provides suggestions for replies to customer reviews using generative AI!

Thanks to this innovation, Partoo clients can: 

  • Save time by generating responses with one click from the Partoo interface. All that is left is to review and post the appropriate response 
  • Provide relevant answers effortlessly. The AI analyses the review and provides a personalised and relevant answer. They can then choose from 3 different suggestions and edit them to further personalise the response
  • Retain customers thanks to quick and relevant replies and show their customers they care about them.

Automatic Replies to Reviews: Fully Automatise the Answer to Reviews  

30 to 50% of reviews posted online do not contain text, but only stars. Therefore, it is impossible to personalise the replies to these reviews based on content… 

To increase their efficiency, we have provided our clients with a tool that allows them to automatically answer reviews without comments. The response templates we have designed are varied and adapt to the rating left (negative, neutral, or positive). 

Following our clients’ requests, we quickly extended these automations to replies to reviews with comments, using these same response models. 

Thanks to this innovation, Partoo clients can:

  • Reply to 100% of their reviews, even if they have very little time or few resources to allocate to this task.
  • Relieve their teams by automating replies to low value-added reviews (i.e., without comments).
  • Ensure a consistent editorial policy through the use of predefined response models.

Review Tagging: Categorising and Analysing Reviews for Improvement

Online reviews represent a goldmine of information that businesses must use to understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Therefore, we have developed a tagging feature, which allows Partoo users to categorise their reviews as they wish. It is then possible to track the ratings and volumes of reviews associated with each theme. Thanks to this feature, Partoo users can:

  • Understand at a glance their strengths and areas for improvement based on their reviews.
  • Prioritise their actions by focusing on the most important topics identified through the categorisation of reviews.
  • Track the impact of their actions by following the evolution of statistics associated with each tag.

Display of reviews in real-time on the Store Locator

Online reviews are the primary decision-making factor for internet users. It is therefore important to capitalize on them by displaying them on your website. 

Customers who have a Partoo Store Locator can now showcase their Google reviews in real-time on their website to assist internet users in making their choices.

New Features to Enhance Communication with your Clients

Conversational and messaging platforms represent an unprecedented opportunity for local businesses to optimise their interactions with the users. 

However, this trend comes with several challenges, the first being the need to reply efficiently and promptly to customers who reach out to them.

Conversation Starters: Automate Up to 50% of Incoming Inquiries

We have provided our customers with the Conversation Starters feature, which allows them to automate the response to the three most frequently asked questions, accounting for up to 50% of customer inquiries. Thus, when an internet user initiates a conversation with an establishment that uses this feature, they can choose from the three options provided and receive an instant response.

Thanks to this feature, businesses can: 

  • Save time by automating up to 50% of incoming inquiries.
  • Reply more effectively to their customers by focusing on conversations that require a human response.
  • Boost conversions by automatically sending links that enable users to make reservations or place orders.

Response Templates: Reply to Your Messages More Efficiently

To further enhance the efficiency of customer message handling, we have added a feature that allows users to create custom response templates. Users can then select the desired template to reply to corresponding questions. This enables users to answer their customers more quickly with tailored, relevant, and consistent replies from one customer to another.

Missed Calls: Turn Missed Calls into Opportunities

Did you know that 30% of calls made to local businesses go unanswered? When a call goes unanswered, the customer is often left without assistance. That’s why we have developed a Missed Calls feature that allows people who don’t receive an answer when they call to engage in an SMS conversation instead.

With this feature, Partoo’s clients can:

  • Transform missed calls into opportunities by redirecting individuals they can’t answer to an SMS conversation.
  • Enhance the customer experience by enabling callers to receive an answer even if the team at the point of sale can’t answer the phone.
  • Boost team efficiency by allowing them to attend to in-store customers when they are present and reply to messages during off-peak hours. 

Our 2023 Recap and 2024 Outlook

In 2023, Partoo continued to stand out by providing its clients with innovative features to adapt to the changing customer journey. Our mission has been to equip businesses with the necessary tools to enhance their visibility and engage their customers more effectively in an ever-evolving ecosystem.

In the coming months, we will focus our efforts on exploring new opportunities related to artificial intelligence. These initiatives will aim to enrich our offering with advanced AI capabilities, providing our clients with enhanced abilities in terms of personalisation, automation, and data analysis. This approach aligns with our ongoing commitment to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to the challenges and opportunities of the current market.

The year 2023 witnessed our belief that adapting quickly to technological advancements is crucial for business success. At Partoo, we remain firmly focused on the future, committed to equipping our clients with the most advanced tools to successfully navigate this rapidly changing digital landscape.

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By Andile Khuzwayo

Content Creator

Heading Marketing expansion efforts in the EMEA region. Andile holds a Masters degree in International Business Management, with 8 years in Marketing and Events, the mission is clear, to help businesses get closer to their clients.
Heading Marketing expansion efforts in the EMEA region. Andile holds a Masters degree in International Business Management, with 8 years in Marketing and Events, the mission is clear, to help businesses get closer to their clients.

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