Jim (AI Agent)

Automate up to 70% of conversations with your customers using artificial intelligence.

Discover Jim

Why use Jim?

Jim automates all your conversations, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Jim gives relevant answers thanks to your location data and your FAQ

Don’t miss a single message! Jim responds to your customers even outside business hours

How does it work?

Optimise your customer experience

Jim enables your business to offer a superior customer experience by providing instant, personalised responses to inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Increase your conversions

Jim‘s personalised recommendations and prompt responses directly influence purchasing decisions, driving higher conversion rates and sales. Jim transforms inquiries into transactions, maximising revenue potential.

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Streamline user interactions

With Jim, your business can efficiently manage customer messages from various channels, centralising communications and improving response times. In the case where Jim can’t answer a customer, it will redirect to a human agent instead.

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Main features


Centralise Facebook, Instagram Messages and WhatsApp

Data management

Use the location data on available on Partoo (opening times, URLs...) and add FAQ to give relevant answers

Easy configuration

Give Jim instructions on how to behave to offer a personalised experience matching your brand


Friendly, relaxed, professional… Use the personality that matches your business's tone of voice

Take control

Configure transmission rules so that Jim transfers the conversation to a human agent when necessary

Client support

Access our customer support in just 1 click from the platform

Messaging platforms working with Jim

Facebook Messenger


WhatsApp Business


We’re here to help your business

You have questions about our AI Agent? Talk with a Partoo expert and learn how Jim can help your business!

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