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on the average score of our customers after 1 year

+ 55%

of customer reviews received on average

+ 64%

of direction requests

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increase in Google listing views

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Presence Management

Manage your online visibility

  • Edit the opening hours, contact information and data of all your Google listings in just a few clicks on Partoo
  • Verify the online information of all your points of sale
  • Broadcast updated data on the platforms of your choice (Apple Plan, Google Maps, Waze, etc.)
  • Improve your SEO and gain more clients by optimising your restaurants' listings
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Store Locator

Get more bookings

  • All your restaurants referenced on an interactive map (embedded on your website)
  • Improve your points of sale's SEO thanks to dedicated and customised store pages
  • Your customers will find you and have access to all the information they need in just a few clicks
  • Increase the traffic to your restaurants and improve your online visibility
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Review Management

All your reviews in one place

  • Collect and centralise the Google and Facebook reviews of your bars and restaurants
  • Reply to your clients in just a few clicks thanks to our customised reply templates
  • Encourage them to leave you more positive reviews, via SMS or QR code
  • Manage your e-reputation, and improve the average score and SEO of your points of sale
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Talk to your customers in real time

  • Centralise all Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messages
  • Respond to your customers' questions in just a few clicks
  • Simplify and improve your customers' experience
  • Manage all replies from the HQ or delegate them to local teams of your points of sale
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“Thanks to Partoo, we are now visible on Google”

For a long time, we didn’t rank high on the Google search engine. But now, thanks to the excellent work of Partoo we are visible on the tech giant’s search engine
Ammar Albar
shawarmer x partoo

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