Centralise and respond to all your clients’ messages from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp directly on Partoo.

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Why use Messages?

Access all your WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram messages from a single interface.

Reply to your messages from the HQ or delegate to your network.

Start responding to your customers today and get ready to sell via message tomorrow!

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How does it work?

Simplify your local interactions

Activate Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp today for all your points of sale, and provide your customers with an easy way to reach you!

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Manage your messages easily

Receive a notification for each message received on Instagram, on Facebook Messenger and on WhatsApp, filter them by status (new, urgent, unread) or by point of sale.

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Delegate to local teams

Open up access to your facility or group managers and assign each interaction to the right person.

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Main features


Centralise Facebook, Instagram Messages and WhatsApp


Receive all your messages in real time on Partoo


Be notified for every new message

Client support

Access our customer support in just 1 click from the platform

The partner platforms

Facebook Messenger


whatsapp business


A team of passionate
people at your service

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“Messages help us generate appointments

Most messages are related to an appointment booking or a lead, which is really positive for us. This is a really powerful channel to generate business.
Jérémy Lacoste

Frequently Asked Questions

Partoo allows you to reply to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messages directly from your account. You can reply to it from the mobile application or your laptop.

In order to fully configure the Messages, we need some information to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can provide us directly with the URL link to your own privacy policy. If you don’t have one then you must provide us with some information.

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