Local information broadcasting

The first impact of Partoo is to broadcast automatically the information of your points of sale on more than 20 GPS, online directories, social networks, and search engines ! To summarize, Partoo meets three requirements that local businesses face :


On average 54% of the points of sale are not listed on local websites where internet users go to find them.

Partoo create for you the local listings of all your local businesses on Google, Waze, Foursquare and more than 20 other platforms


Most of the points of sales don't have the ownership of the listings, which are already online. Then they broadcast wrong opening hours and phone numbers.

Partoo regain the ownership of all your listings and allow you to control the information that you want to broadcast


Even when a local business is listed on local websites, the information is incomplete or false more than half the time !

Partoo allows you to write updated information on its interface and broadcast automatically the information on all platforms

Optimisation of your listings' visibility

We can give you detail information about the increase of number of phone calls, route requests and clicks towards your websites. In a year, we have observed an improvement of the user actions on Google Business Profile of :

+ 84% clicks towards the website of the point of sale
+ 219% route requests towards the points of sale
+ 64% phone call

Case study

A company of several dozens of sport clubs has considered local search as one of their top priority in 2017.

We have thus broadcasted and updated their information on Google Business Profile and all other platforms. Check out the impact of Partoo in a year :
+ 115 % clicks towards the website of the point of sale
+ 210 % route requests towards the points of sale
+ 50 % phone call

If you want to get statistics or case studies on a particular sector, please get in touch !

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Improvement of your local SEO.

Our technology has a significant impact on the local SEO of our clients because they can complete the Google Business Profile listings of their local businesses, synchronise the information on all platforms, increase the number of links toward their website and finally to attract more reviews. For further information, please contact us or have a look at our FAQ.

On a sample of 15 companies we have observed an increase of the average positioning of the website from 7% to 40% during the first month after the broadcasting of their information !

Sources : MOZ – The 2018 Search Ranking Factors. *Results obtained on 15 clients of Partoo

Internal factors 22%
(keywords, meta descriptions, tags, mobile optimization...)
External factors 78%
Google Business Profile
Standardization of your information

For an insurance company of hundreds of agencies, it represents more than 300,000 additional leads generated from a year to another


Case study

In June 2016, a French ready-to-wear company has decided to ask for our services to broadcast the information of their network of more than 300 points of sale.

The average positioning of the website of the company has improved from 30 to 8 on 500 Google local searches and in a year the traffic has doubled on the webpages of the stores.

As our technology has positively impacted the local SEO of our customers, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want other case studies on the subject.