Here’s what Sophie Monard, Communication Manager for the Parisian stores of Leroy Merlin, explained about how easy it was for their stores managers to adopt a tool like Partoo in their stores.

Their digital strategy is more and more present on their main business strategy and they really wanted to adopt a digital tool for their stores. All of their employees are trained on the digital and they know the importance of this shop window that it’s called Internet. Updating all the information of the stores and answering to the clients reviews has become one of their main priorities in order to upgrade their customers experience.

Interview with Sophie Monard – Communication Manager 

For those who can’t see the video, here is a transcription of Sophie Monard’s interview:

“My name is Sophie, I am Communication Manager for all the Parisian stores for Leroy Merlin. I’m in charge of 5 stores in the center of Paris. My mission is to carry out the global communication, as well as the customers in-store experience.

Leroy Merlin’s Digital Strategy:

Our digital strategy is more and more present, and there’s a willingness to adopt it within our stores. All the employees are trained to be comfortable with the digital area, and Partoo has been one of the first solutions to help us manage our e-reputation. The store Managers know the importance of being present on the internet, and we did not even need to convince them to use this solution to answer to our clients’ reviews.

The insights of the solution:

So there’s 2 parts that this solution has that are interesting for our stores:

  • The first one is obviously to manage Google My Business with the relevant information depending on what’s going on within each store
  • The second one is Google Reviews Management in which either the Community Manager or the people in charge take the lead and answers our clients’ reviews.

Give access to the stores:

In fact, we’ve given the access to our stores managers. During the period of the “Gilets Jaunes” so they could update exceptional opening and closing hours. 

The tool is very simple to handle and to start working with. There’s no particular training needed. Someone from HQ has been trained just in case an issue arises, but it’s really simple to work on. We can start using it without a previous training.

It also allows you to choose and filter your reviews: we can filter them by rating, whether they’re answered or not. We can also search by keywords within the reviews which allows us to see clearly what are our main points to improve, or things that are already well done in stores.

Perfomance Indicators:

With Partoo’s solution, we can produce very simple reporting for our stores with the number or treated reviews, the number of reviews per month, the evolution of the number of reviews during the year for example, but also how many people have clicked on the “itinerary” or on “get in contact with the store”. This allows us to get a lot of clients’ verbatim comments, whether it’s positive or negative. 

We assist all of our clients. When it’s positive, we transmit them to our teams. When it’s negative, it gives us hindsights to understand what to improve, targets a specific process or helps us double check the way a store is operating.

The Final Word:

The interface is very simple for the user and it allows us to save a lot of time. And for our in-store employees, it’s priceless!

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