In the United States, an online ordering tab for restaurants is gradually appearing in the Google My Business dashboard of establishments.

As we know, Google wants to make Google Search an interface as complete as possible so that Internet users can find all the services they need. In this logic, the search engine wants to facilitate ordering from the Google Business Profile of restaurants. This feature is only available in the United States for the moment, but it may be of interest to all restaurant owners.

Online ordering: what is it about?

Google has added a new tab “food ordering” in the Google Business Profile interface. Some restaurants across the Atlantic can already see it appear in the menu of the Google Business Profile dashboard.

New online ordering tab shows up on Google My Business dashboard

Google Business Profile restaurants order online 

This allows restaurants to manage how customers order online from the business profile in Google Search and on Maps. The interest is that customers place their order while remaining in the environment of Google Business Profile. It is either possible to use a third-party vendor and integrate it with Google My Business, or add a link to place an order. Google had already added these services in 2017, but this new interface is easier to use.

Why is this feature interesting?

When it arrives in France, this option will allow restaurant owners who want to open an additional ordering channel. Given the massive use of Google Search and Google Maps by Internet users to find an address to their liking, this will significantly increase the flow.

Those who want to take advantage of it will need to activate it in their Google Business Profile dashboard and connect it with a supplier or with ordering links from their site. A really interesting opportunity for restaurants that want to increase their visibility and bring more customers to their locals.

Author: Patricia

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