Google My Business now gives local establishments the option of adding other URLs, in addition to their websites, to encourage users to perform certain actions via their listings.

1# Why provide additional URLs?

Adding URLs can result in more interaction with your Google My Business listing by encouraging users to do the following:

  • View a menu
  • Place an order
  • Make an appointment
  • Book a table
  • View promotional offers
  • View a list of the services offered (such as remote consultation, for example)

Disclaimer: some links from third-party services (LaFourchette, for example) are automatically displayed on the Google My Business listings and it is not possible to manage them from the Google back office. If a listing contains a URL registered by the listing’s owner as well as another URL from a third-party vendor, however, the owner’s URL will appear first, thus limiting any business the third-party vendor might get from the listing.

Secindary URLs for restaurants

2# How do I qualify for additional URLs?

The URL fields available depend primarily on the establishment’s main category.

The following is an overview of the various possibilities:

  • For the ‘View menu’ and ‘List of services’ buttons: available for ‘Service’, ‘Health & Beauty’ and ‘Food & Beverage’-type companies
  • Search for articles: available for ‘Service’ and ‘Health & Beauty’-type companies
  • Place an order and Book a table: available for ‘Food & Beverage’-type businesses (cafés, bars, restaurants, etc.)
  • Make an appointment: available for ‘Service’ (plumber, electrician, etc.) and ‘Health & Beauty’-type (hairdressers, beauty salons, etc.) companies
  • View promotional offers: this URL is not available in the Google back office but is visible for establishments in the retail sector

3# How to provide additional URLs on your Google My Business listing

  • Log in to Google My Business.
  • Select the establishment to which you wish to add a URL.
  • Click on ‘Info’ to access the information editing interface.
  • The available URL fields for your business can be found in the URLs section, beneath the website.
  • Add the corresponding URLs in each field.
  • Click ‘Apply’.

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