February 20th was the beginning of the new Google Business Profile statistics.

Since then, many brands and businesses have noticed that their statistics have decreased across all available KPIs: Searches, Views and Interactions.

We’ll tell you why.

Why has the number of searches on my Google listing decreased?

How did it work until now?

Views were the number of impressions of a listing on Google Maps or Search.

So, if a user visited the same listing several times, Google would count each view, even if they were made on the same day or just minutes apart.

How does it work now?

From now on, this is how Google defines the data associated with the number of impressions of the listing:

“Impressions of the business on Google Maps/Search. If the same user visits a listing multiple times in one day, they are counted as one impression.”

So, if a user visits the same listing several times from the same platform (Google/Maps) and from the same device (mobile/desktop) over a period of 24 hours, these views will only be counted once.

Why has the number of interactions on my Google listing decreased?

As for the interactions, the changes in statistics only affect direction requests to the point of sale. The rest of the indicators have not decreased.

How did it work until now?

Up until now, Google counted every click for direction requests to the point of sale as a visit.

So for example, if a user unintentionally clicked the button twice before the direction results showed up, Google would count two direction requests.

How does it work now?


Here is what Google says about direction requests:

“Number of unique customers who request directions to your business. We changed how we tally unique direction requests to account for things like multi-tapping, direction request cancellation and spam. We expect the new direction requests metric to now represent the number of times individual customers request directions to your business more accurately.”

This explanation speaks for itself: Google now counts the number of unique direction requests per day.

In conclusion

Your stats are dropping, but not your visibility!

The indicators you track are now different and closer to reality, that’s all!

Instead of counting the number of visits or interactions, we’re now counting the number of unique users – per day for views and direction requests; and per month for searches.

Check all the changes we have talked about in the table below ⬇️

Author: Andile

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