Banks and insurance companies should use Messages – here’s why

Les Messages sont stratégiques pour les agences bancaires et les assurances

You will probably know that Google encourages users to send messages through its tool Google Business Messages.

Let’s see why banks and insurance companies would benefit from taking advantage of this new communication channel. Direct and practical for users, it’s a great opportunity for you to get closer to your clients, while differentiating yourself from the competition.

Consumer habits are changing

Users do not systematically need to visit websites. Addresses, telephone numbers, reservations, opening hours, reviews, services, messages… Almost all the main information they need can be found on the business listings. It is an essential intermediary between agencies and their customers.

So, how can you “talk” to consumers and acquire new customers thanks to innovative digital tools?

Google Business Messages is the perfect solution in line with the users’ habits.

Capture d'écran de la fonctionnalité Messages de Google

An overview of the Google Messages feature 

Here are the traditional means of communication between clients or prospects and their agency: 

  • The contact page on the website or the appointment booking module
  • A telephone call to the agency or directly to an advisor
  • An email or message to an advisor (for clients, through the mobile app or the desktop interface)

In the majority of cases, this works just fine, but it’s not always the most practical way. The waiting time could be long, responsiveness may not always be there… Eventually, it’s the customer experience that gets negatively affected.

Why start using Google Business Messages?

Let’s start with two statistics: 

  • 83% of users gets in touch with a business to find out more about its products or services
  • 76% of buyers writes or talks to a business to ask for help while shopping

Individuals want more and more speed, flexibility and customisation when contacting a business. Messages could be the solution to that, since they could solve some of the problems of banks and insurance companies.

Make it easier to book an appointment at the agency

The majority of banks and insurance companies propose an appointment booking module on their website, however it’s not always easy to find it. It is paramount to simplify the appointment booking process at the agency. With Google Business Messages, your clients will be able to do it in just a few clicks, without even leaving your Google listing. 

Optimise your advisors’ time at the agency

One of the main advantages of using Messages? They allow you to directly reply to your clients’ basic questions. The ones that do not necessarily justify an appointment at the agency, because they can easily be settled at a distance.

It’s therefore a filter that allows your advisors to save time. Appointments are scheduled only when they are relevant and the added value is greater.

Collect as much customer feedback as possible

The messages received say a lot about the problems and desires of your clients, because they are a source of information you can use to develop your platform and offer. The easier you make it for them by reducing friction, the better the customer experience – and the more satisfied your customers will be.

How to use Messages? The example of Meilleurtaux

Meilleurtaux decided to bet on Google Business Messages to simplify the interaction between users and local teams. The company, specialised in financial services, uses Partoo to centralise and directly answer all the messages its agencies receive.

Centralise all the messages of your agencies with Partoo

The used method 

Partoo centralises the reception of all messages on a single platform, to which local teams have access.

At Meilleurtaux, two dedicated advisors manage all the incoming messages. They answer directly when the questions are basic (opening hours, addresses, etc.); when the local agents’ expertise is needed, they transfer them and the agencies take over.

The headquarters make a first selection, in order to save time to the agencies. The local teams will then have to manage just the messages which concern them, the ones that need their expertise and that can have a business impact.

Google Business Messages is the future communication channel for banks and insurance companies, to get closer to their clients, save time, and improve the customer experience.

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By Alessia Francia


Alessia graduated in Conference Interpreting and she translates contents for the different Partoo teams: legal, tech, financial, commercial, marketing, etc.
Alessia graduated in Conference Interpreting and she translates contents for the different Partoo teams: legal, tech, financial, commercial, marketing, etc.

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