Automatic replies to reviews thanks to Partoo

It is essential to respond to customer reviews to show them that their opinion matters.

According to the study carried out by Bright Local, no less than 88% of consumers are more likely to choose a business if they see that the owner replies to all their reviews, both positive and negative.

However, it’s not easy to treat all of your reviews in time, especially when some of them do not include any comments. To help you out, Partoo is launching a feature that will save you lots of time: automatic replies to reviews without comments.

This new feature allows you to automatically respond to all your Google and Facebook reviews without comments. It works through an intelligent rotation of response templates specifically designed for this purpose 🥣

Why should you use automatic replies to reply to reviews without comments?

Reply to all your customers and build loyalty 🫶

The purpose of automatic replies is to enable businesses to treat all their reviews, leaving no customer without a response. This is important for strengthening the loyalty of existing customers who have taken the time to leave a review and reassuring potential customers who will read the answers when they take a look at the listing.

Reduce your teams’ workload 🧘‍♀️

Managing online reviews can be challenging, especially when it comes to reviews without comments. These reviews may be perceived as less important, yet still require time and effort to reply to individually.

Whether you manage reviews locally or at headquarters, automatic replies help you and your teams reduce the workload. They allow you to focus on reviews that truly require your attention: reviews with comments.

Keep a consistent editorial tone 🙌

Maintaining a consistent brand image and tone in all interactions with your customers is crucial. This includes replies to reviews, which are one of the initial points of contact between you and potential customers. These responses must be impeccable in terms of spelling, syntax, and editorial coherence.

Automatic reply templates are particularly useful in this regard. You can either use those provided by Partoo or create your own to reflect your brand.

Any questions? Feel free to contact our teams!

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ambre chinchio

By Ambre Chinchio

Product Marketing Manager

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